• Alison Rollman

A Different Type of Letting Go

Dear community,

This week I was fortunate to join the amazing Leslie Booker for a half-day, at-home meditation retreat. One of my main takeaways was a new framework to think about letting go.

One of my co-meditators shared this idea that there are two types of letting go: the letting go that is a hand stretched outward, pushing away. Avoiding. Retreating. Ignoring. 

And there's the letting go that is a hand stretched open, letting what we don't need slip through the cracks. Creating more space, more room for others. A letting go that is simultaneously an opening.

I hope that together we can cultivate this quality of sacred letting go through our practice. Not a retreat from the truths of the world, but a release of what we don't need. A creation of more spaciousness for ourselves and each other.

If there's anything else I can offer during this time to support you, please let me know. I'm always open to new class times or other feedback.

With care,


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