• Alison Rollman

A Thank You Note to You

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Dear community,

Thank you all for the ways in which you've been supporting my virtual teaching.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful faces on screen, for forwarding my newsletter to friends and inviting them to join you in class, for texting me how you're feeling afterwards, and for letting me know that these offerings have made an impact on you. It's truly a pleasure to continue to offer them, and I hope they continue to be of service to you.

Facilitating yoga and meditation always allows me to feel like I'm in my natural habitat: invoking calm, speaking about connection to body and spirit, and reminding those I love to be gentle with themselves. I'm so grateful that I get to share this with you.

Expressing gratitude is a key element that allows me to come back to being present when I'm in a crabby mood (which, let's be honest... has been happening much more frequently during quarantine).

It reminds me of how I always read the acknowledgements section at the end of books. I love being privy to a sliver of the author's personal life where they share about those who mean the most to them. I especially love seeing them express that their creative process hasn't been individual by any nature, but rather the work of an entire collective.

With that in mind, here is my own personal acknowledgements (though this isn't the "end" of the book -- I'm still teaching classes each week!)

Thank you to my roommates Maya, Jill, Riki, and Tori for letting me use our living room as my new online yoga studio and for using (y)our plants as a backdrop! Thank you to Jess, Jordan, Aaron, and Talia, whose home housed my first online yoga classes, where I taught everywhere from the kitchen to the basement to bedrooms. Thank you to my family for being my first fans and for filling up those first few classes with so many faces from across the country. Thank you to my partner Tori for recording the audio for all my classes and helping me with everything Zoom-related. And thank you to my regulars - Queenie, Jane, Franny, Livvy, and Jess. Y'all are the best.

As Rev. angel Kyodo williams shared in her acknowledgements of Radical Dharma,

"There are too many people to capture here with any sense of satisfaction. If you are reading this, I am grateful for you, too. And you are loved."

I hope to see you on the mat/screen soon!

With deep appreciation,


PS: As always, feel free to share your feedback and let me know how else I can cater my classes to be most healing.