• Alison Rollman

Leaning Into Imagination

Photo via Tricia Hersey, the Nap Minister.

Dear community,

How are you leaning into radical imagination this week?

Amidst continued violence and loss, there have also been many victories, and I know there's so much more our movements can achieve. New York just passed the Safer NY act which is a huge victory for more transparent policing.

This is a result of years of activism and deep work. Thank you to all who are fighting for a more vibrant and just world, and to the movement ancestors who've been doing so long before it was popular.

It's amazing to see such a robust national conversation about defunding police, police reform, and especially abolition. Hell yes! I'm hoping that we can continue to sustain ourselves and our spirits for the long haul so that our movements will flourish along with our personal and collective healing. There will always be so much more to do, and as we continue to mourn the lives lost at the hands of police brutality and COVID, we must remind ourselves to celebrate moments of joy and victory, too.

I'm continuing to offer the same weekly schedule of yoga and meditation classes that I hope will support your healing, rest, and radical imagination.

Take care, friends.

With love,


PS: As we continue to face grief on an individual and collective scale, I invite you to check out this article by phenomenal meditation teacher and activist Leslie Booker.

She shares a quote by Roshi Joan Halifax:

“to deny grief is to rob ourselves of the heavy stones that will eventually be the ballast for the two great accumulations of wisdom and compassion....  Grief is a vital part of our very human life, an experience that can open compassion, and an important phase of maturation, giving our lives and practice depth and humility.”

I'm hoping that you give yourself space this week to be gentle and easy with yourself. We're in it for the long haul.