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Standard price for private yoga + meditation is $100 / 75 minutes, with sliding scale available upon request.

Consulting + training prices are determined on a case-by-case basis.


As a virtual beginner to yoga, I wanted a private instructor to teach me the basics, help me build a strong foundation of knowledge about yoga practice, and most importantly, to work with me at my own pace and make sure I wouldn't injure myself. From our very first lesson together, Alison has been a wonderfully patient, focused and deeply knowledgeable teacher. She is able to adapt her teaching to my level while still challenging me in meaningful ways, and she fosters an atmosphere of mindfulness in every session.

I look forward to our sessions every week!

-Donna B., private yoga student


Alison has a warm, gentle, positive energy which made it easy for me to relax for the Reiki session. As someone new to Reiki, it was cool to feel so much energy flowing through my body during our session. I felt tension in my body release and my mind felt calm and grounded after the session. I am excited to schedule another one!

-Cristina C., reiki client