Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a nurturing, non-invasive energy healing
technique from Japan that supports and accelerates the natural healing processes of the body. 
Applied gently through the hands, it is a complementary healing strategy for those receiving other treatments as well as a restorative experience for those seeking deeper relaxation. 
My aim is to facilitate space for rejuvenation and ease while applying gentle
pressure with my hands to channel reiki energy. 


Standard Price: $75 / 60 minute session

Sliding Scale: $50-125


I am trained in the Jikiden Reiki tradition through Shadia Marji of Urban Well.

Jikiden Reiki is a lineage that originated with Mikao Usui sensei in the 1920s in Japan.

Jikiden means directly from the source.

My experience in trauma-informed yoga informs my approach to reiki through

sensitivity and kind awareness to all of the experiences

we carry with us in our bodies. 

I believe that our bodies already know what they need to do to heal –

they just need some support along the way, and space and permission to do so. 


Alison has a warm, gentle, positive energy which made it easy for me to relax for the Reiki session. As someone new to Reiki, it was cool to feel so much energy flowing through my body during our session. I felt tension in my body release and my mind felt calm and grounded after the session. I am excited to schedule another one!

-Cristina C., reiki client