Affirmation, symbolism, guided exploration, opportunity for reflection --

all of this encompasses that which the cards reveal and share with us. 


I offer one-on-one tarot readings with clients as a way to allow a space to reflect

on their paths or particular themes and questions. 

Standard Price: $36 / 45 minute session

Sliding Scale: $25-50

I went in not knowing anything about tarot, but Alison’s calm and inviting demeanor helped guide me through a very comfortable and fulfilling experience. A great way to organize any unorganized thoughts you may have floating around in your head. 

-Nayib G., tarot client


My tarot reading with Alison helped bring insight and closure to certain relationships. She adapted the reading as things came up in a way that showed expertise and an ability to innovate. The reading was funny and personal. The way she checked in throughout was really comforting, especially for me as someone who hasn’t had many tarot card readings.


-Jade S., tarot client