Alison was wonderful; I was nervous to have a private yoga session because I'd never done that before, but she spent a lot of time listening to my needs and designing a session that was perfect for me and my abilities. She taught me some new stretches and techniques that I am already incorporating into my life.

-Amy A., private yoga student

As a virtual beginner to yoga, I wanted a private instructor to teach me the basics, help me build a strong foundation of knowledge about yoga practice, and most importantly, to work with me at my own pace and make sure I wouldn't injure myself. From our very first lesson together, Alison has been a wonderfully patient, focused and deeply knowledgeable teacher. She is able to adapt her teaching to my level while still challenging me in meaningful ways, and she fosters an atmosphere of mindfulness in every session.

I look forward to our sessions every week!

-Donna B., virtual private yoga student


Alison has a warm, gentle, positive energy which made it easy for me to relax for the Reiki session. As someone new to Reiki, it was cool to feel so much energy flowing through my body during our session. I felt tension in my body release and my mind felt calm and grounded after the session. I am excited to schedule another one!


                                                    -Cristina C., reiki client


Alison's class fosters a unique welcoming and relaxing experience. I always leave feeling at ease and centered. 

She offers a beautiful balance of breathing, movement

and meditation! Kundalini yoga is wonderful with her!

                                     -Undine G., virtual group yoga student

During each session with Alison, I’m able to calm my mind and build my strength. I recently hurt my knee and shoulder while biking and am grateful that Alison offers modifications to make poses and movement accessible. I was still able to attend classes while injured and feel supported in the poses. Not only does Alison have a passion for healing, but she has the skills to guide students in a way that is both challenging and safe.

-Riki R., virtual group yoga student


I really really enjoyed taking a class with Alison. It was great she made a virtual class available, and still made it feel intimate and comfortable. Alison is great at setting the pace of the class and giving clear instructions. I felt like I got a great stretch and was very relaxed by the end.

-Sara S., virtual group yoga student

Alison’s approach to health, healing, yoga, and the body, is inspiring. Her philosophy is rooted in a deep thoughtfulness - a simultaneously innovative and ancient wisdom. She welcomes all to come as they are. When Alison teaches she holds space in a way that makes all feel heard, loved, and seen.

-Emma M., group yoga student

I went in not knowing anything about tarot, but Alison’s calm and inviting demeanor helped guide me through a very comfortable and fulfilling experience. A great way to organize any unorganized thoughts you may have floating around in your head. 


-Nayib G., tarot client


My tarot reading with Alison helped bring insight and closure to

certain relationships. She adapted the reading as things came up in a way that showed expertise and an ability to innovate. The reading was funny and personal. The way she checked in throughout was really comforting, especially for me as someone who hasn’t had many tarot card readings.

-Jade S., tarot client


Alison challenged me to do my best while also giving me the space to feel relaxed and comfortable. Even though it was a virtual class, I really felt like I was in the same physical space as her and the other participants.

                                     -Rose O., virtual group yoga student